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What is Your Authentic Self & Why it’s Important?

Authenticity is Big Right Now

Talk about authenticity is everywhere right now, but what is your authentic self?  

Read on to find out what it means and why it’s important to be your authentic self anyway.

What is Authenticity?

Authenticity has been a theme throughout my life and I realised into my 30s that I didn’t know who I was.

It was after that realisation that I went on my authenticity journey and discovered who I really was.

Authenticity is being who you really are, this is everything about you, not just the light and fluffy stuff you like, but the other side of you that you don’t always like to your shadow side.

To be authentic you need to own every single part of you, to know every part of you in every moment.

How do you act, feel, speak, when you’re alone, when you’re with your best friends and family, when you’re the most comfortable.

It’s also important to look at the things you like and what you’re doing and what brings you joy. This has to be about you, what you want and not because you want to for in, or be liked, or make someone else happy. This isn’t about anyone else, this is about you completely.

Authenticity for me is looking into every aspect of yourself, your internal self, your mindset, your physical self, your spiritual self, your purpose and so much more.

Why is it Important?

Authenticity is important, authenticity sets you free.

When you’re authentic you won’t change to fit in, you’re happy to be who you are and with what you like. You know your values, your boundaries, and exactly how you show up in the world and your place in this world.

You won’t back down and change any of it for anyone else, because you’re not willing to sacrifice yourself for anything or anyone.

When you really know yourself this can be you, the confidence you shine when you are completely authentic is second to none.

If you are struggling to figure out who your authentic self is, then I have a course that is perfect for you.

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

I’m a energy transformation coach, mum, scoliosis and chronic pain warrior. I am psychic, and I help you through personal and spiritual growth so you can have more confidence in yourself and your spiritual gifts to start your own spiritual business

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I’m a energy transformation coach, mum, scoliosis and chronic pain warrior.  I am psychic, and I help you to get more confidence, be authentic and have more inner peace.

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