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❤️ Are you feeling stuck or lost and in need of some intuitive guidance & coaching? ❤️

One thing that really helped me and still does, when it comes to figuring out what’s going on when I’m feeling this way is… 



A lot of the time you go through the situation in your head, trying to figure out how to fix it on your own and seem to be getting nowhere fast.  🤦‍♀️

It usually ends up with you all in your head and feeling like your running around in circles so much you want to scream. 😳😱

Honestly, I still get that way from time to time 😝 before I started really listening to my intuition and spirit to guide me it was my natural state.  🤣

I used to go through all the feelings of not being sure who was, where I was going, if I was good enough and even wondering if I was ever going be like all this amazing business queens 👸 and have my own soul-led business I was passionate about. I mean, how could I when I didn’t have anything I was good at right?  

I see so many people say:

❤️ I’m not passionate about anything

❤️ I don’t have any talents

❤️ I just can’t figure out what I am suppose to be doing

❤️ I don’t have any purpose

❤️ I just feel lost and stuck

You do have passions, talents and purpose, you have a soul path. You are here for a reason. If you needed proof from someone who thought all those things at one point, not that long ago that you do, then your reading one of her posts, because I am her.  

First you need to make a decision, that that mindset needs to end, to start to believe in yourself and to set the intention that you are going to get the answers you need to your questions.  If you’re still not sure, then you can always come check out all the amazing ways you can work with me and we can figure this shit out together.  🔮❤️

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Hi, I’m Sarah Tilsley, a mum and spiritual business coach from Staffordshire UK. I help wannabe spiritual business owners through self discovery to soul alignment so they can achieve their soul-led dreams and desires using my spiritual DICE method.

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