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Why I see my pain as divine guidance

Divine Guidance or Coincidence



Divine guidance is what I call it.  I’m going to try and explain to you guys why I believe that.  I was happy at Sparkle and Flourish (a previous business). It was the start of a different kind of business for me and one I felt was the right way for me to go.  It felt right to use that name for my business as it was perfect, and then I got ill.   You may wonder why my health changed things or even how it could, but it did.

I call it divine guidance

I am sure my pain was some kind of divine guidance, although I didn’t realise it at the time.  It’s strange that taking one decision to leave my previous company and then illness can change so much in my life.  

July 2018 hit and I thought it was going to be the start of a new me. It is terrifying, yet exciting to start your own business. I knew what I wanted to do and I had it all planned out for the next year.  It still felt like I needed a little more to it than I had planned, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. You know that feeling you get when you feel like that has to be something more, something you are missing that you should be doing.  That is how I felt.

I call that July my divine guidance because now, I have a new purpose too and the fire burns strong inside me.  It’s all thanks to getting ill. I don’t stop to listen enough,  I know I’m suppose to relax and let the guidance from the universe in.  When you don’t listen, you’re forced to. I spent the first few days of that month off to a fantastic start and then the proverbial hit the fan. Not literally, but you get the picture.

But then I got ill

The title of this section kind of reminds me of a song, except he never said ill  “I was going to clean my room but then I got ill”  OK, enough singing, let’s not go there.  

I had the worst swollen and infected throat, I was fit for nothing. The time to recover what just what I needed and a few days wouldn’t hurt.

I got better just in time for my hips to give up on me in the most spectacular way possible. The pain was immense, I have never been in as much pain in my life. It made me so ill that I couldn’t think straight and I felt sick constantly and I wasn’t sleeping.

If you’d have seen me trying to take my son to school you’d have wondered what I’d done.  I had no idea how I even managed to get there, to be honest. Think of a cross between Quasimodo and the leaning tower of Pisa and a 110-year-old woman and that was me.

Shuffling along and not being able to stand up straight and the pain was unreal, but what if I told you that it was the best thing to happen to me?


It was the best thing that could have happened to me

I had time to think, a lot of time. It was the only thing I could do. I had an epiphany to start using another blog I owned to help people like me, chronic pain and secondary infertility sufferers. Women that may have lost all positivity and hope and needed me in their lives.  I know how it feels to feel like everything is against you doing the one thing you felt with all your heart that you should be doing in this life.  It kind of feels like you are not a real woman because you can’t do the one thing that a million and one other women can do just my smiling at a man.  (I know it takes more than a smile)


It was going to be my a third blog, but it felt like something was missing still, with both of this new idea and my Sparkle and Flourish business. I’ve mentioned before, that something was missing and then I had an idea.  It was like I’d been struck by a bolt of lightning. The thing that would bring my ideas together in an amazing way.  How I could have missed this when planning my business I’ll never know.  It just goes to show that it pays to stop and listen to the guidance you are given from the universe.


My plan is coming together

My idea was epic and I knew it. It was the missing puzzle piece, the one thing I needed to piece it all together.  It was that thing that I had been wanting to do for 19 years, that I had hidden away from everyone I loved.

I need to help, and I could do that because I’ve come from having no hope or positive bone in my body, to being confident positive and determined.  I didn’t get pregnant, yet, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t help others get to the stage I have.  My pain was getting worse, yet all that didn’t matter so much anymore, because I learned to be happy with me and to treat my body as a whole thing and not just my uterus or my hips.


I’m not just a broken uterus, or a dodgy set of hips, or a curved spine.

I am beautiful, I am me and I’m a whole person who’s been hiding away her true passion from everyone.  It’s been 19 years of wishing I could learn about Holistic Therapies. I first heard about them at 16 and I knew I needed to learn more, but I never did.  I was stuck in the how, the employee mindset and the fact that standing or sitting too long hurt.

I’m not stuck in that mindset any longer because the how doesn’t matter anymore.  I know that the how will come in time, what I need to do is to focus on the steps.  I can do this because of one reason, I want to help people feel amazing and grow and realise that their bodies may not be perfect, but they are beautiful too and they deserve to treat themselves with respect and love.


The plan

Drum roll please people….


I’m going to be a integrate holistic therapy into my business. It’s through these skills, my life experiences and my passion for helping others that I can do this.  I want to provide value for you.  The tools I use and learn to use in my persuit of health, mind, body and soul.  I’m learning and as I learn and get the qualifications I want I can help more people and provide more value and that is my priority, you.

I’m trained in Reiki Master level, Crystal therapy, and more. My plan is to also train in BSL and there will be more in the future too.   I’m super excited about this and I invite you all to follow my journey too.


I know since I wrote this blog post I’ve since changed my business name to my own.  I’ve  re-branded to Sarah Tilsley because it felt more fitting and it’s grown so much since.


I know I have a lot to give and I fully believe you do too.

How can life get any better than this?


Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley is a Spiritual Confidence Alchemist who uses spiritual, mindset & energy techniques to help aspiring spiritual business owners build confidence to
bring their biggest, wildest dreams to life.

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