Why i’m transitioning to plant-based?

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why Plant-Based?

I have been noticing a few differences lately in the way I think and feel about animal based foods, as well as in the way I feel after eating dairy. I just couldn’t carry on feeling that way anymore.

Each time I have dairy I end up feeling so ill, and I’ve tested it several times to make sure. The last time being in January 2020 after a week eating a vegan diet, I went back to dairy again during the weekend of my son’s birthday and I sure noticed a difference in my health.

what i noticed?

When eating a vegan diet I felt less bloated, I eat healthier, I didn’t eat sweets or chocolates got anything snacky that I usually do at night. I was eating actual fruit when I needed a sweet treat, and it actually helped curb my sweet craving without eating junk.

I felt healthier and didn’t have the issues I was having when I was eating dairy and cheese in particular every night. Even when eating out I’d choose salad over anything else because I knew it was safe and I actually craved it too.

The day after I first eat dairy again, I felt so ill, I had an headache, was lethargic and completely drained and stomach cramps the lot.

So I decided to transition completely to plant-based or vegan and I am determined that by my 2 year veggieversary I will be in a plant-based or vegan diet.

So you heard it here first.

Sarah xx

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