Why i went Vegetarian

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Why i went Vegetarian?

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Going Vegetarian was actually a quick decision that came completely out of the blue.

How i made the decision

I had been talking to a friend who was vegan and the more she spoke to me, the more I kept getting nudged by the universe to try it.

It was like every time I saw something about it, I heard a voice in my head to say try it. So one day I decided that for one week I’d give it a go. I figured why not try it, because I had nothing to lose at all.

what happened?

I got some vegetarian friendly shopping after a couple of days of just extra veggies and I loved it. I noticed a few things changed and I preferred to taste of the vegetarian foods too.

I noticed

  • I was less bloated
  • I didn’t have to check everything and pull fat or anything off things
  • I didn’t have that overfull feeling after eating
  • I was full for longer
  • The food was tastier
  • I felt better knowing an animal didn’t have to die to feed me.

It was during this phase that I had my hubby say that it wouldn’t last long and I’d be back to eating meat again soon. That was the actual last straw that made me stick to it. I’m quite stubborn, and known for not liking to follow orders off anybody. I wasn’t about to prove anybody right, so I made the decision there and then to never eat meat again.

A year and a half later, as I’m writing this and I have stuck to my word.

Best decision I ever made

So as of January 2020 I feel better than I ever have. I’ve eat more veggies than I did before. I just love being on a vegetarian diet.

It’s more than just proving family wrong now though, it’s for the animals, it’s for the planet, it’s for us and it’s for health too.

Sarah xx

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