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What got me into digital planning and organisation?

I just couldn’t hack all the bloody paper everywhere anymore. I’d buy planners, notebooks, stationary, then a month or two later, I’d disown the planner that cost me £40 to buy, try new ones, end up writing stuff on various bits of paper and losing them, or in my notes section on my phone. It just wasn’t working.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore all the stationary and notebooks, I liked drooling over them in the shops and online. 🤣 I mean, who wouldn’t it’s like paper heaven in those places am I right? Trouble is I was waiting money on them, and then, I discovered digital planning through a bullet journal group I’d joined.  

So what made me stay with it?

My first thought was fuck that, I ain’t starting that it looks complicated and I have to have my phone with me all the time, and eventually, it hit me. I had my phone with me anyway! It was in my hand more times than it was on my desk. 🤣

So I did some research, joined a group, next thing I know I was buying an iPad, Apple Pencil and loads of fucking stickers and a few planners until I found the one I use now that I love. I even learned how to create planners and downloaded all the popular apps to try them out.  

That’s how it gets you, you see you stumble into a group, next thing you know you want to sell your soul for all the digital things. 🤣. Ok, I’m half joking, what I found amazing with it was I could copy and paste stiff, move stuff around without ruining pages. I could add stickers and pictures I’d taken to make memories. I could even write notes on all the things I was learning and didn’t have a million notebooks taking up house space to do it. 🤷‍♀️

So what do I plan to do?

I have created a digital planner which you can buy in my digital planner shop It’s So Digital and here is where I will blog about digital planning, and create content for with around that. There will also be courses coming in the future so keep your eyes peeled

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