You’re not lost

I talk a lot about self-discovery and that’s because of the journey I’ve been on myself the past five years or so. I’ve been on a massive self discovery journey during that time. Self discovery is not that you’re finding things that are lost, even though you might feel lost, nothing in you is really lost.

It’s in the conditioning

Self-discovery is about digging through the layers of conditioning that have been put on ourselves from society, from friends and family, the way we’ve grown up, to the things we’ve seen on TV, everything that we’ve been through adds this layer of shit.

I’ve lived for the past five years through the self discovery process. During those five years, I realized that it’s the conditioning. This conditioning that had been put on us is nobody’s fault,

Your Authentic Self

That conditioning can bury, who you truly are, your authentic self. Your authentic self is your real you, the real you underneath all of that conditioning.

Self-reflection is the first step towards self discovery and your authentic self.

So your authentic self is you, you really are deep down and it’s not about finding. It’s not About trying to find bits that you, you didn’t know existed so much. It’s about finding the part of you that are maybe hidden, that you may have forgotten about it.

You may not have been aware of about that before we’ve been there. It just may not have noticed. And that is the first step towards finding who you are. Finding your authentic self is really important, especially in life in general, but especially if you’re heading into business, because you need to know who you are first.

Card Reading

So I’m going to pull a card and let me see what spirit want you to know about your authentic self.

You might want to look at your intuition, that’s the gut Instinct that you have, if there’s something that you’re thinking about doing, or that you might think aligns with you, but you’re not certain go with that face gut feeling.

It could be that first thought, feeling, sound, vision. The good news is that you can strengthen that intuition and learn to listen to that voice, learn to listen to your intuition more, and it will be easier to pick upon, because it can be really quick at first and hard to hear. Don’t hide from that intuition following, because you never know where it may lead.

Move toward your passions, move towards what brings you joy, move towards all those things that really give you the warm and fuzzy feelings.

Don’t dwell on things that don’t save you anymore. Don’t dwell on the past and on things that you don’t need anymore. Be open to the new possibilities and new opportunities. Don’t hold onto the past so much. Don’t hold onto the conditioning so much. You don’t need to hold onto this conditioning anymore. It’s okay to let go of it.

Listen to what your inner child wants. What do they want? What did they enjoy doing? Growing up, What did you as a child enjoyed doing? and move forward away from the past and things are not serving you and towards your future, towards that future of you being your authentic self and being who you are.

It’s ok to be your authentic self.

Sarah Tilsley xx

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