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Welcome To SCA

Here is some info you need to know before starting and all the links you need are below, and in the menu above.

  • You can email me at at any time and with your questions, or if you need help. This email address is something I’ve created just for you guys.
  • The courses & Masterclasses are all FREE for you please DON’T purchase them again. Just click on the course you want, click on curriculum and the lessons will be there and unlocked for you to watch.
  • All Links are at the top of this page, and you can get back to this page at anytime using the Members Only Link in the top toolbar of the website.
  • There are over 200 readings in the Facebook Group and that’s where I do live readings, and the Q&A sessions, so please join the group.

Welcome & What to Expect

Video plus tarot reading

Membership Links

All your links are at the top of the page anyway, but I’ll add them here for you too so they are always easily accessible.

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