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Tips for Doing Self Reflection With Intention

Self reflection is looking into deep into who you really are, internally, externally, emotionally, physically, mentally & spirituality.  Read the blog, or watch the YouTube Video at the bottom.

It’s Easy to Get Lost In Parenthood

It can be easy when you become a parent to get lost in everything adulthood brings, and into being a parent and watching your children to make sure that they’re not going to not hurting themselves by doing the things that kids do, like climbing up stuff they shouldn’t, or whatever toddlers do these days.  We have to make sure they are fed and not doing anything they shouldn’t, and all that good stuff. 

It can be easy to get lost in trying to find time to be yourself and do the things that you love to do. I found that when I became a parent, I went from, from being a gamer, and playing games like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft, I spent many years on World of Warcraft. I got good at gaming, I did it even when I wasn’t good at it let’s face it, because I enjoyed it. It’s it’s like when you became a parent, you’re like “Okay, this little person needs me to make sure that they stay alive. They need to be fed, they need a drink, they need to be changed. I need to make sure that the house is clean that they do in stuff.” 

I got so lost in all that being a parent entails that I forgot about who I was, I forgot about all the things I liked and what I did before being a parent. I forgot about every part of who I was, because I was wrapped up in being a parent, and I loved every single minute of it, and still do.

It Starts With Self Reflction

So self reflection is where it starts, self reflection is where it started for me. To discover your authentic self, you need to start with self reflection.

Self reflection is asking yourself a tonne of questions, and then even deeper questions to try to dig deeper under the surface answers that you might be given. To make sure you don’t just give surface answers to the questions. You need to make sure that you’re really digging deep within yourself. Then digging deeper into the questions that you’re asking yourself again, to really discover who you are now. 

To discover who you are now is important and that’s what the self reflection is for, to find out who you are now? what you like to do? What are you good at? What kind of person are you? How are you emotionally most of the time? How do you react emotionally to things that come out of the blue? Do you get angry quickly? Look into all aspects of you, the things that you like about yourself, and the things that you dislike, including things about you that you perhaps don’t want to admit, that you don’t like about yourself.  

Let’s ask Tarot

I asked the cards, what do you need to do to help with self reflection. 

7 of Water

This card is talking about making sure that you make choices in your life based on who you are, based on what you like and how you feel about it.  Are you making sure that you’re not making choices that are not in line with your values and not in line with the boundaries you have in place? And you may not know what your values are, at this point, you may not have any boundaries, or many boundaries. At this point, it depends on how far into your self discovery journey, you are.  I didn’t have boundaries for many years, I would let people walk all over me, because I didn’t want to hurt them, I didn’t want to say no. So really, what before you move forward, the self reflection that you need to do here with this seven of cups. I’m hearing to really dig deep onto on what you desire and what things are going to bring you joy and happiness. 

Knight of Cups

The knight of cups talks about making sure that you’re creating a balance in your life, that you’re focusing on you, and what you are like as a person. If there’s anybody out stepping your boundaries right now that you need to think about setting stronger boundaries. mainly what I’m getting from this is to talk, to, and listen to your inner self, go within and see what sets you a light and what makes your heart flutter. 

What do you really enjoy doing so much? Do you like art or poetry or writing, whatever it may be vide all those things down. You want to be able to write those things down to really decide on what makes your heart flutter, what makes it sing and what you love. 

Knight of Fire

This talks about seeing what motivates you? What inspires you?what kind of person is in your life that motivates you? What kind of person inspires you? What is it about them, that motivates you and inspires you? What you like about someone generally is what is already within you too, and it’s about figuring that out. 

Don’t judge the information that you’re writing, just write it down, get it out there. Write out the information you gather into a workable format, This is me what I’m like this is who I am physically, emotionally and mentally, spiritually, and really digging deep into every aspect of yourself inviting down who you are.  What you believe that what you enjoy doing what you hate doing. What are you good at? What do you not? Are you not so good at? 

The Moon

The moon talks about listening to your intuition. It wants you to look at your fears as well. So what is your intuition telling you? So what things are popping in your head when you’re thinking about self reflection What is popping up for you? And then write that down? What are you scared of? What are your fears? What are your hopes as well? what are your hopes as well? Is there anything your intuitions telling you to write down that down? 

6 of Cups

The six of cups talks about moving forward and listening to your inner child, what does your inner child say? What did you love to do as a child that you perhaps like to do now? But maybe you haven’t done it for a while? What did you like to do before you had children? What did you like to do in your 20s, and in your teens, that you may like to explore again, now probably haven’t done it in 30 years. you might want to explore it, again. 

Queen of pentacles 

What do you like materially? Are you quite a techie person like me? Do you like your technology? Do you like the top of the range stuff? Are you more like me Where you don’t care for the top of the range stuff? How do you like to dress? And look? Are you quite extravagant with how you like to dress? Are you holding off how with how you dress and look because of fear of what other people will say? And how other people are going to judge you? You know, who cares what anyone else thinks? You might care what other people think, like I care what other people think. 

5 of Pentacles. 

How are you with your finances? How are you with the things that you’ve got? Are you not paying attention to your finances? Is that your thing? Do you normally just not pay attention to your finances a lot and not really focus on them and you never know what’s in your bank account. the self reflection journey is about who you are now not who you want to be, you might want to change a few things that you’ve wrote down already. By writing them in their self reflection journey, not only will you know what you want, you will be able to see what you what you’ve wrote down there, and where you are now,  and you will also be able to see who what you are what you want to change to help, you grow. It will help you with your self discovery journey to work on those things and to learn more about the things that you want to maybe change or work on. Are there any cycles that perhaps you’re going through? Do you know that you’ve gone through the same cycle of money spending, regretting it, poverty, money for example.  It’s the kind of cycles like that, that you can see repeating within your life as you look at it.  

8 of pentacles. 

The eight of pentacles is about what you want to do. Do you want to create something? Do you want to grow? What things do you think you’d like to work on? What do you focus your attention and your time on? Is there anything that you really love doing that you can just get carried away doing? Anything that you really enjoy is something that you need to write down, and what you don’t enjoy it as much too.  If you know, you enjoy building websites, then that write that down, but if you know what that you absolutely hate writing, then write that down too.

It’s Time for Action

There isn’t any point doing any of this, if you’re not going to take action, because the action is where the magic happens. So now, you need to decide which of the things you wrote down you feel like you want to change, or grow, or things you need to learn? This isn’t about changing everything and looking down at yourself, it’s about just looking at where you can and want to grow and that’s ok. We all grow and change, and we should always be learning. You’ve already done a lot of that growing up to now right? It’s not bad to want to change a few things or grow.

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

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