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Does this sound like you?

Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I spent most of my life not knowing who I really was.  I got lost in trying to be like everyone else just to fit in, but I never really did.  I didn’t have any friends for the longest time either because I was so burnt out from trying to be someone I was t to make people like me, then failing miserably at it.  I just ended up distancing myself for most of my 20s and into my 30s.

I finally had enough after become a mum and realizing the anxiety I had, the struggle I was having just to leave the house, couldn’t happen any longer, as two little eyes were watching me.

It was time to figure out my shit and who I was.  This course was written after doing just that and now I am teaching you how to do exactly what I did, so you don’t have to do it alone.

So, What is Included?

This toolkit will guide you through personal and spiritual growth so you can be more spiritually confident, with over £150 worth of content for just £13.50

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