Highly Recommended

I’ve had many cards drawn for me and also have really enjoyed the Youtube Videos… highly recommend them.
Sarah is very committed to not only giving a fabulous reading but also making sure she is always developing herself to keep her craft at its best, amazing.

Very Gifted

Sarah is a very gifted lady, she has done many readings for me and she is always spot on. she is a lovely person and her personality shines through in her readings. I am on her membership site and it’s great value for money. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarah and her services. Treat yourself, it’s such good value for money. Blown away since her very first reading. Xxx

Beautiful & Genuine

I had a personal reading about my purpose and wow, Sarah’s reading was amazing. It was extremely detailed and I would highly recommend her and her readings to anyone. Such a beautiful soul and genuine girl.

Amazing value for money

As an academy member, I fully support Sarah’s message and can endorse that it is amazing value for money. You get monthly personal readings, personal card pulls, and weekly readings for the academy as a whole. Sarah also does full moon readings, reiki healing and has areas she focuses on every month. Treat yourself to her academy membership. You won’t regret it! ❤️


I’m totally coming back to Sarah

“ I had a reading by Sarah, it was just a check really, Sarah doesn’t know me personally.  She told my reading and it was totally true with my circumstances.  She explained situations with work and how I’m feeling and advised me by the cards and which situations I’m in. I’m totally coming back to Sarah when I feel there’s been a change in my life or when I spiritually need to.”

Donna McKay

Love Your Journey

“Your gifts are amazing, it’s been amazing watching your journey”


“OMG. Wow, 100% accurate reading! You picked up straight away how this illness makes me feel, sick and nauseous every single day, so much so that I can’t get on without anti-nausea meds.  My husband will be at the forefront of the business and doing the physical work. I will be doing the pretty parts and the marketing and all the other side of it.  Both of us together will bring our creative sides to it.  Oh wow, everything you said was spot on! I will be recommending you to all my friends now.  You have a very strong gift xx ?”

Kelly Brown