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Soul / Higher Self


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If you are wanting to know What your soul or higher self have to tell you right now? This reading will answer 8 questions and use an unlimited amount of cards to answer the questions as in depth as possible.


1. What talent your soul bought with it into this lifetime?

2. How can you integrate this into your current lifetime.

3. What does your higher self want you to know?

4. What does your higher self want you to stop?

5. How can you align better with your higher self?

6. How can you strengthen your connection with your soul and higher Self?

7. What are your hidden talents and potential?

8. What action do you need to take?


This reading will be completed and a private video link emailed to you within 2-4 working days.  If this can’t be completed within this time I will email you with a new date it will be completed on.  Times for the readings may varie depending on the amount of orders I get through.

All readings are for 18+ and entertainment purposes only.


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