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Distant Energy Healing


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Do you feel like your energy is off lately and you need to vamp it up slightly?  If so this distant energy healing will be perfect for you. I’m a Reiki Master and I will complete your reading, fully video recorded at a specific time and date and go through all chakras and other healing that I intuitively feel needs doing.

You will be sent a time and date it will be completed so you can be open to the healing at the time, by accepting the healing.   I will also record this and send you the private video link so you can watch and get the full benefit of the healing through that too for you to use as you see fit.  You won’t have to be available during the healing though as it will be sent anyway and so what it needs to do.

This is a distant healing NOT in person.  All you need is to be open to receiving it, and if possible be relaxed at the time.  You may or may not experience any sensations during the reading, but it doesn’t mean the healing isn’t working if you don’t feel anything.


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