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What are the benefits of Self Reflection?

What is Self Reflection?

Self reflection is an important step to starting your self discovery journey. Self reflection is looking in depth at yourself to see where your starting point is. If you know your starting point, you have the power to then move forward toward a where you want to go.

Your journey to self reflection is important and has so many benefits for you in relation to discovering who you are, identifying what your purpose is, connecting to your intuition and spiritual side, and then energetically aligning to your dreams.

Self Reflection Benefits

Self Reflection can help you with:

  • It can help you discover more about who you truly, your authentic self
  • Helps you figure out your starting point so you know where your starting at, so you can build a clear path towards where you want to go
  • Helps you understand what you’re good at, and what you’re not so good at, so can create a plan for strengthening some of those weaknesses and your strengths.
  • Helps you identify your values so you can learn to embrace them and act in accordance with them. So you don’t do things that are not in alignment with you.
  • Helps you to then bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go, because you can see a clearer path to your destination

Self Reflection Journal

The good thing about self reflection is that you can do it regularly and helps you again and again on each stage of your journey as you can journal about it for yourself.

If you want to grab your own self reflection journal to start you off I have you covered. Join my email list and get instant access to your journal.

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah is a spiritual transformation & business coach who helps unfulfilled lightworkers with personal and spiritual growth so they can have confidence in themselves and their gifts and start their own spiritual business using their inner peace pathway.

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