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Who was I before I started my first business?

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My business story started when I was a stay at home mum. I knew I was missing something from my life, just needed to figure out what that was. I felt I’d let myself and my family down because I couldn’t that one thing that every woman around me seemed to do so easily and that was give him with a brother or sister. It was causing me severe anxiety, no confidence, and depression that I was trying to hide. I also wanted to be bringing in some money but couldn’t work due to my Scoliosis causing me severe pain. It would make it too difficult to run the house, be the mum he deserved and work too. How could I do all three and help to bring myself out of this funk I was in.

This was my life, I was that person. today, I don’t even recognize her. She wasn’t living, she was existing and barely even doing a good job at that.

What made me realize I had to do something about it?

I remember seeing my friend started a business online, at the time I figured I couldn’t do that because I couldn’t even have a picture taken of myself let alone take selfies daily and do videos of myself applying the products. It was in September 2014 that I started my first blog. I adored reading, learning about building websites and creating it. I threw myself into my blog, but something was still missing, it wasn’t fulfilling me. There had to be something I could do about it. My confidence levels had to change, but I still couldn’t get out of this funk and my anxiety was so severe I couldn’t leave the house alone, or even answer the door or phone. I was getting 6 major anxiety attacks a day on a good day. I had to do something and I had to do it now.

My first taste of business

I joined my friend in her Network Marketing business a year later. I figured why not just try. I’d seen her confidence levels improve and she mentioned her anxiety was even improving. I saw it as my opportunity to do exactly what she had done. In that first year in business, I gained some confidence, my anxiety was a little better, but I still felt broken. In 2016 I gained a lot of confidence and could even do the school run alone now. Things seemed to be improving for me personally, but I wasn’t bringing the money in.

In 2017 I met my wonderful coach and I changed my mindset. That was the year I met her twice. The first time I couldn’t even speak to her or look at her I was so scared. The second time I was different. She gave me the tools to change my mindset and I gave her a hug, had a selfie from her. 2017 changed me in more ways because it was that year that I realized I needed to be a coach.

Now I had ditched the person I was, I was half way to being who I wanted to be, but something was still missing. I just didn’t know if I was doing the right thing by being in this business. It wasn’t filling me with joy anymore. It was then I quit that business, but not the industry.

What made me realise I was in the wrong industry?

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I spent 2018 dabbling in bits and pieces, seeing if I could find some clarity on who I was and what kind of business I should run that actually made me some money rather than me spending it. At the end of 2018, I met an amazing tarot reader online. She gave me a free mini reading that told me exactly what I already knew, deep down. I was in the wrong industry. It was then and there, in Mid December 2018 I quit Network Marketing for good.

How Sarah Duck Spirituality started

That reading threw me deep into research, deep into finding my purpose, into personal development, into the spirituality I had been dabbling in for all my Network Marketing days. I wrote pages of stuff, I watched hundreds of hours of videos on YouTube and I paid for business tarot reading from her once I started reading oracle and tarot cards on my YouTube channel and Facebook page I had created. The reading confirmed what I knew, I was now on the right path to living my life purpose. This is how Sarah Duck Spirituality started, On whim, off one tarot reading that completely through me into a huge spiritual awakening.

It was that the changed my life again, but more than that, I found me. I found my passion and what made me tick. I found that thing that I could spend all my free time doing and reading and watching. I’d found my path.

Ending Thoughts

To those three woman who helped me the most on my journey to this, I am extremely grateful. I wouldn’t be who I am today and actually loving life if it wasn’t for you.

To those who are also suffering with secondary infertility, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you can get through those deep dark feelings and even if, like me that second child never happens. There is a reason you are going through this, a reason you are here on this earth. It wasn’t an accident, you are meant for great things.

My Mission

My mission now is to help women who are new to spirituality to heal, find their light and learn to live in alignment with their soul purpose and the universe. I do this through intuitive tarot and oracle card readings, energy healing and spiritual coaching because I know there are people who are like I was, existing and not living to their true potential and I know I can help them to change that,

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