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Do you want to know more about who you are?  If so this reading is for you.  This reading is to help you discover more about you and who you are.  Knowing yourself is important and it can take some of us many years to do this.  This reading will guide you to find out more about who you are.  I will pull as many cards as I feel I need to dig into exactly who you are as a person and a soul.

It will answer 7 questions.

1. Who are you?

2. What you love?

3. Hopes and fears

4. What to potentially expect in your life

5.  What to potentially not expect

6.  What is your potential near future?

7. What is your potential distant future?

I will send your private link to your recorded video reading within 2-4 working days.  If it takes longer I will email you with another date If this needs to take a little longer, depending on the amount of orders I have.

Readings are for 18+ and entertainment purposes only.

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