Do you have obstacles in your way?

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Have you ever just suddenly decided you weren’t going to play small anymore? That you were sick to death of being in the same situation month after month? Then the moment you step up, the moment you make the move forward to do something, to get yourself out of the same old cycles, shit happens. 😩. It stops you in your tracks right? Me too! 🤦‍♀️

The thing is, it happens time and time again, and you start to even wonder if there is any point in trying again when something always gets In your way.

There is no smooth path ❌

If there could only be a smooth, clear path to reach my goal you think. 🤔. I’m sorry ❌, but that smooth path doesn’t exist, there will always be obstacles in your way, something to try and stop you from getting to that goal.

The trick is to learn to overcome that obstacle and not let it stop you from doing what the hell you want to do and achieve that goal you’ve had your heart set on for years.

There isn’t a going to be a smooth path, because these obstacles are there for a reason, they are there to test you, to teach you something, to help you grow and expand to that next level version of you. You may have to climb over it, go around it, learn to smash through it. You may be temporarily stopped on your path by this obstacle for a time until you figure out how to get past it. If you continue to try and figure it out, to take action and keep going, you will find a way through. 💯.

What if I just give up?

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If you decide to stop at that obstacle and give up because it’s too hard to figure out how to get around it, that obstacle will always be in your way. It’s not going to grow legs and move out of your way like, “there you go Madam, on your way now. I’m sorry I was sitting slap bang in the middle of your path there, I won’t bother you again, your way is now clear.

Like fuck it will! You have to do something about it your self and you know what, you have what it takes to overcome every single obstacle. 🙌

So are you going to let that next obstacle stop you, or are you going to figure out a way to save your damn self?

Sarah xx

Hi, I’m Sarah Tilsley, a mum and spiritual business coach from Staffordshire UK. I help wannabe spiritual business owners through self discovery to soul alignment so they can achieve their soul-led dreams and desires using my spiritual DICE method.

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