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Never give up!

Never give up, that’s the message I’d like to give everyone who is striving to achieve their dreams.

My Excuses

I know what it’s like to give up, to quit trying to achieve what you set out to do, for various reasons. I’ve been there, numerous times. Some of the excuses were that I blamed other people for getting in my way; it got too hard; I didn’t feel good enough.  Every one of those things was an excuse, nothing else.

There is nobody else that stopped me from achieving those things, nothing else was getting in my way, I was good enough, I could have done them all. The only thing that stopped me, was myself.

You are the only one that can stop you

It’s a hard thing to accept when you first realise it. To know that all your failures were down to you. You know what changed my mind? personal development. I’ve read books over the last 9 months, I’ve listened to things and watched videos to develop myself into a better person. It’s those books that have helped shape who I am today and will continue to shape the person I know I am destined to become.

My light bulb moment

It was when I read Go for No by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. I realised something when I was reading that book that hit me like a bolt of lightning. It’s all been on me, it was the way I looked at these things. I didn’t see them as something to learn from, I let them stop me.  I am not ashamed to admit that I cried at around the half way mark of this books. It was a light-bulb moment as they say. This ends now, I will no longer step in my way, I will no longer settle for failure and neither should you.

Just never give up, keep going. You don’t need to run away from failure, you are not really failing until you give up. It will get hard, you will cry, you will want to give up. Successful people keep going, they keep trying and they work on their personal development and get better. They never stop learning.

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley is a Spiritual Confidence Alchemist who uses spiritual, mindset & energy techniques to help aspiring spiritual business owners build confidence to
bring their biggest, wildest dreams to life.

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Sarah Tilsley is a spiritual confidence alchemist, mum, scoliosis and chronic pain warrior.  She’s psychic, and helps transform spiritual business owners lives by building confidence

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