Monthly Membership

This is a membership for spiritually open light workers who need support and guidance to start a spiritual business that aligns to them and their purpose.  Support from spirit along the way so they know they are heading in the right direction. This is for you if you are feeling unfulfilled, lost and alone and are in need to guidance, support and community. Are you ready to feel supported and connected as you follow my Spiritual DICE method on your path to Spiritual Authenticity? Each month you will get:
  • Monthly Tarot Reading
  • Weekly Tarot Reading’s
  • Full and New Moon Readings
  • A Topic for the month
  • Including most of the masterclass and courses, except for a few
  • All of the download’s
  • 50% off anything else
  • And so much more.
£27.00 per Month.

Yearly Membership

In this yearly membership you are an actual VIP! You get all the things from being in membership as the monthly members, but you also save £54 by paying yearly, that's like getting 2 months free and paying for 10.
£270.00 per Year.
Number of courses55
10 Steps To Plan Your New Business Masterclass
How to Read Tarot
Healing – Getting to Know the Energy Centres
Personal Growth Accelerator
Goal Setting Masterclass