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Introducing The Podcast: Podcast, Season 1, Episode 1


Hi, welcome to The Spiritual Owl Podcast. I am Sarah Tilsley, and I am here with my first ever podcast episode. I am not sure how this works. I am new to the podcast in deal, but I just want to be here real and raw and introduce myself and let me let you know why I’m here.

It’s a podcast for spiritually conscious humans focused on being more spiritually connected for yourselves and your business. I want to honestly share all my experiences about being spiritually open mum, business owner and human, including doing intuitive readings, sharing personal experiences, any tips and all things spiritual, as well as transformation as well, becausw I feel transformation is an important part of life too.

I’ll talk about the ups and downs of being spiritual, what it’s like to be truly spiritual and opening up about being a spiritual woman and the stigma that surrounds it even now, I want to make a spirituality a normal part of everyday life.

My Backstory

So my name is Sarah Tilsley, I am the owner of this website and podcast, and I have been I have been a business owner for about five years, but I’ve only been in a spiritual-based business for a year at this point. Spirituality is something that’s grown and something that’s been nurtured within me from a very young age. I grew up in a spiritual family. I grew up with family who mentioned talked a lot about their experiences with spirit and shared their stories.

My nana and mum have talked to spirit to saw them in their dreams, have told them things in real life that they would not have known otherwise. My sister has seen spirit, my younger sister, used to talk to a family member and spirit when she was toddling around. She mentioned her by name when she’d never heard her name mentioned before.

So yeah, I’ve been around spiritually open people all my life. It’s just been something that’s been part of my my life.
i was scared as a child though. I remember I was kind of child that turns the lights on everywhere they went and ran to get to the bathroom at night, because I felt eyes watching me. I could sense spirit. I could sense I was being watched. And that scared me as a child. I eventually closed all that off until I was in my 30s when I started to really start to grow my spirituality and start to grow my intuition and my gifts. And I’ve really started to use them within my business or my life.

I didn’t realise I could talk to spirit

It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, you know, it’s something that always wanted to have as a talent. And I see my family talking about the messages from spirit and they saw them and they had a dream about them and I thought why can’t I do any of that? But as a child I was scared which is makes sense why I was why I closed it off, but I opened it up again when when I felt the time was right and it couldn’t have been the more perfect time it’s something that really helped me feel more myself and more connected than ever more, more connected spiritually and more connected with society as well, if you will. Because it’s something that feels like, I was always meant to do this, you know.

It’s only after I started my business and reading cards that I realised, this is what I could do. My nana told me that my great great grandma was a spiritualist itself. She was a spiritual woman, she used to do readings for people and all that she was she used to wear all black she was being she was called a witch. And after hearing that, I was like, Oh my god, that makes so much sense. And it makes sense, because I’m like that too.

That energy of her, and that talent has come through through the generations, you know. So my business is The Spiritual Owl and I intuitively help you through transformation and ascension. So you can live in alignment with your true self and sole purpose is in card readings, energy healing and coaching services. So, that to me is everything, I do caught card readings, mainly right now, and healing distance healings.

I had bad negative self talk

But it’s, it’s taken me it’s taken me a good 36 years to finally realise that that is where I belong, that this is my purpose, you know, finding my purpose was, it was such a long process at to do a lot of soul searching. And now I’m just ready to help others do the same. I don’t want anybody else to feel like I felt for a long time I was lost, I was confused. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. Like I didn’t belong anywhere. And I hated that feeling. I hated feeling like I didn’t belong, right? Nobody got me like, I was alone. And I was confused and needed to find a way out of that.

It was something that held me back for so long. And it made me like really negative. I talked to myself in ways that nobody has ever talked to me and I’ve had some bad things said to me in the past. But I talked to myself so much worse.

Business Back Story

In 2014, I started blogging, and a year later, I was still blogging, but I found the network marketing industry. I’m not in there anymore, that’s not business I’m in, and I’m not involved in the network marketing industry, but that’s where I started. That’s where I first found out about personal development, law of attraction, mindset work and a lot of spiritual people are based within the network marketing industry. It’s sort of there’s a lot of spiritual knowledge and stuff shared within that industry. That’a where I started working on my mindset, and I became more confident. I learned a lot about myself, but there was still something missing. There was still there was still something missing with within me that I knew there was something there was something more for me. It took a lot of soul searching, like I say a lot of finding myself a lot of finding out who I was a lot of searching deep within me for my purpose. That is how I came up with the business that I’m in now, and yeah, it’s been a lot of work to move forward and to start putting myself out there more the confidence that I built within the network marketing industry really helped. It’s just been a matter of using my spirituality and spiritual knowledge and using my gifts to really start to help me figure out how to start to move forward from things and how to how to live a peaceful, authentic life.

So that is me, that is my business. I’m going to keep this episode short. As an introduction think I’d like to keep the episodes as short as possible. There will be a lot of talk about transformation, about healing about coaching, and readings on a on here too, so some podcast episode we’ll be reading based, which I’ll do, which will tie in nicely with the subject of spirituality, which is all what I’m about.

So I want to thank you for being here. Thank you for listening to my podcast and listening to who I am and you will find out more about, about me and about who I am and I will talk to you again in two weeks time hopefully. But as you know, being a mum, being a business owner, being a wife being all those things, I get get torn away sometimes, you know, but hopefully I will be but I will be here every two weeks to to give you another podcast episode. In the meantime, you can find me on all my social media pages @thespiritualowl and on Instagram @thespiritualowltarot. I will speak to you soon.

Thank you for listening.

Sarah xx

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

I’m a energy transformation coach, mum, scoliosis and chronic pain warrior. I am psychic, and I help you through personal and spiritual growth so you can have more confidence in yourself and your spiritual gifts to start your own spiritual business

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hi! I'm Sarah

I’m a energy transformation coach, mum, scoliosis and chronic pain warrior.  I am psychic, and I help you to get more confidence, be authentic and have more inner peace.

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