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How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self

How to Show Up as Your Authentic Self?

The first card is the Emperor, and Archangel Uriel. So this card is asking you to take charge of your own life. Start doing what you want to do, make sure that it is something that you really want to do, and you’re not just following what society thinks you should do, or what your family or friends think you should do. Make ambitious plans for what yourself, if it feels right to you deep down, then go for it.

Make Your Own Plans

I’ve got the knight of Ariel, they say to make a plan for what you want, to make sure that the plans that you have for you are yours, make sure those plans are coming from the place within you that you have decided upon, not plans that somebody else is deciding for you or you think that is right for society. You want to make sure that they’re coming from you that you’re not just following the norm, what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

The right people will understand that you’re doing what’s right direction you. The words at the top of the card are trustworthy, understanding, devoted and funny. So be you, be funny, be unique, keep being you as it will help you to show up more trustworthy because you’re showing up as you. People can read your energy, even if they don’t realise that’s what they’re doing.

You’re being watched over while you’re doing this, whilst you’re starting your journey of being yourself. You’re watching you want to anyway, but just know that you are supported and guided by spirit and the divine.

Follow Your Passion

I’ve got the page of Gabriel here this card talks about following your passion. Make sure that whilst your showing up as you, to follow your passion. If you’re the kind of person to be really energetic, or playful, or you’re just optimistic all the time. It doesn’t matter how you show up as long as you’re showing up as you. Don’t worry if people say “oh, you’re just too positive, you’re just too optimistic, you just make everything a joke.” Fine, if that’s the way they want to think about you. As long as you know, you’re being unique and you’re showing up as you, that’s all that really matters.

Celebrate Yourself

The next card says to celebrate who you are, celebrate your wins, and remove yourself from any toxic situations, people if you can release them, release yourself from toxic thoughts as well. Release your form all those things that tell you that you’re not good enough, tell you that you can’t show up as you or that you can’t speak like that, or Susan down the road is not going to like that. So celebrate who you are, celebrate your hard work and your wins. Doesn’t matter if no one else celebrates with you. They don’t have to celebrate with you.

Embrace Your Inner Child

The six of Raphael says embrace your inner child too, have fun. What does your inner child want? Ask your inner child through meditation. What do they want? What do they want you to do? Do you want spend five minutes being silly with your kids? Do they want you to go to play at the park and swing on a swing? You know, whatever that is, follow that.


You’ve got solutions here number 14. Knows that there are always solutions to any obstacles that come in your way, any obstacles that try to stop you from being who you are, there’s always going to be obstacles and our paths. But we’ve got to learn how to overcome these obstacles, how to get through them, and how to get through them our way. We will always work out a way to overcome obstacles, if you keep trying if you keep moving forward. And then learn to forgive those that have hurt you in the past, not for their benefit, but for yours. Because when we don’t forgive we hold on to part of that energy. We want to be asking the angels to remove, cut and heal the energy connections to people or situations that aren’t serving us anymore. So we can move on from that and move forward.


The knight of Raphael, move forward, away from relationships and things that aren’t serving you and to work towards relationships that are the ones you want to embrace, you want to have. And that relationship includes that relationship with yourself. So who do you want to be? What do you want to share? What if you were showing off as yourself as your best self and then move towards that?

Movement Forwards

The six of ones here talks about moving towards things that you’re passionate about, things that make you feel joy, things that make you excited, and not be worried about people who don’t like that. Just focus on those that do, focus on those that do like you and that are going to celebrate you. And if nobody is there to celebrate you, celebrate your damn self, because you don’t need anybody else to celebrate you, just celebrate yourself. But people will celebrate you, with the three of cups coming straight after that, people will celebrate you, when you show up as you, when you’re following your passions, when you’re being you, the right people will celebrate you. If the people aren’t supporting you, if they’re trying to put you down, instead, they put you down aren’t your kind of people. So they don’t really matter so much as much as they seem to think they do. Supporting you doesn’t have to mean monetary wise, supporting you could be a like on the post, a comment, or share or somebody saying, “I support you, I’m proud of you, I am happy that you’re following your passions that you’re being you.” And that’s all you all you need.


The 10 of Swords reversed, it isn’t a bad card. this to me, is telling you to remove those thoughts that blocking you from moving forward, remove them negative, the mindset beliefs, the beliefs that you can’t be you who you are, the beliefs that you can’t show up as you, or the ones that tell you that you can’t do that. You want to remove them, and try to move on from them and get get to a happy place. And also removing situations and people aren’t saving you. Obviously we can’t always remove the negative people in our lives. Sometimes negative people we can’t just get rid of them, and I understand that. But this card I feel like it’s more about your thoughts and focusing on you when your thoughts rather than anyone else.

Happiness & Joy

Celebrate and have gratitude for what you have now and where you are now. The 10 of cups is all about celebration at joy, family. Have fun with family, be busy doing what you love to do. Focus on what brings you joy. By doing that our passions, new opportunities for things that are more that we’re passionate about will show up. And with this card, it could come in the form of new opportunities coming in for you to actually have a business or be connected to somebody else that could help you.

By following your joy and happiness and removing the thoughts that aren’t serving you anymore. Learn new opportunities, things that you’re passionate about will will come in to you. But you need to be open to them for them to come in. Make sure that you make the decisions from your heart and and that you follow are what you want and what you feel is right.

Use Your Intuition

Use your intuition, that intuition is your first gut instinct, that first thought and sometimes your intuition can show up as a quick flash, and then it’s gone. So writing that down when you can is important, because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Sometimes the intuition can be so quick that you might miss it and then the ego kicks in and tells you all the things that you may not want to hear. Sometimes people miss that intuition, because it’s so quick, and then end up thinking that their ego is that intuition. And then they end up following that and going down the wrong path and making the wrong choice. So make sure you’re following your intuition. If it feels right, generally, it’s the right thing to do.

Worry won’t serve you

Don’t let worry and stuff keep you up at night. This cards saying basically, don’t let it keep you up at night, don’t let it stop you from from sleeping and having the rest you need. I’m hearing that you need to follow your intellect, you are intelligent, you have that knowledge to share. Movement forward, towards passion, towards what brings you joy and those things you love to learn about, towards the stuff you are knowledgeable about.

Don’t cling onto things or do things you don’t want

The final cards are Oracle cards. This one’s the crumbling. So what are you clinging on to?make sure that you are not clinging on to things that aren’t serving you, and that you’re letting go of things that make you feel bad. Learn to say no to people sometimes. You know when somebody says “can you just do that for me? I hate to ask but?” If you don’t need to do it, if it’s not in line with what you’re doing, it’s okay to say no. And saying no to people can be really hard at times I know it can. I myself am guilty of this too, when somebody says can you just do that for me? Yeah, sure. I’ll do that. Two and a half hours later, I’m like, I wish I had to done it. You know those times when you planned to do something instead but this person’s asked for that, they’ve said jump and you’ve said how high. We can all be guilty of that, right?

Step up and Lead

Your next card, It’s time to step up and lead. So ask yourself, how can you step up and lead. Learn to be you, to share more online, like the real you and how you are normally, at home. You know, how are you when you’re alone? Because I don’t know about you, but with me, when I’m alone I’m myself 100%, I was more authentic and more myself showing up as me when I was alone. And then when I came on social media, I was editing myself, I was stopping myself from saying certain words because I didn’t want to offend anyone. Now I’m more. I’m more likely 99% of the time to show up as me. Sometimes I do have those blips, like we all do that. You may think “Maybe I shouldn’t say that.” But actually, by showing you, the people who are like you will gravitate towards you more by showing up as you, because they’ll see that you’re being more authentic.

And finally, we’ve got Anna, the grandmother of Jesus. And this card says, seeding the light laying foundations divine plan. So know that everything’s got a divine plan, that everything works out in divine timing, when it’s meant to work out that right now, you might be laying the foundation for a new beginning, a new start. You might start seeding the light and sharing your voice more, doing the little things like sharing your thoughts, like sharing and sharing your voice how you would speak normally to yourself to out loud, to family that you’re most comfortable with that kind of stuff. So if you swear, swear online, if people don’t want like that it’s their problem, right? That they’re not your people if they don’t like that. Everything has divine timing, everything has divine plan. But ultimately by showing up as you by being who you are by sharing your voice and taking those intuitive nudges and intuitive action steps towards your soul-led dreams and desires you’re heading in the right direction.

Sarah xx

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

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