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How do you get clarity and turn your ideas into an enchanting business?

Build Your Enchanting Business

You have all these ideas and no idea how to transform them into something magical and enchanting that you’re going to love and so is your ideal client. So what do you do about it?

Here are a few things you can do to get your ideas into some sort of order.

  • Brainstorm Your ideas without dismissing any at first will get everything down on paper, or your digital notebook. It’s much easier to get all your thoughts down first before even dismissing any of them. It helps to generate more ideas and get your thoughts sorted.
  • Choose which ideas or several that fit together well, this is where you dismiss the ideas that you don’t like, that don’t resonate and keep the ones that really excite you and resonate.
  • Figure out your ideal client, write down everything about your ideal clients, really dig deep. You want to be able to know them like you know yourself.
  • Write out your ideal clients pain points, now you know your ideal client, and your idea you can write down their pain points. This is where you will really need to think about them, because these are going to form the basis of your mission, your pilliars, your business.
  • Write your mission statement. This is overview of your ideal client, what outcome you solve and how you solve it.
  • What are your values? Your values are everything, and your business has values too. What are those values, the things that really mean a lot to you. They are the kinds of things you will follow, and you won’t go against. They help you maintain your boundaries.
  • Decide on your content pillars for your business idea. These are three to five main ideas for your business, all your content will be based on these broad ideas. The topics that come under your main business idea.
  • Meditate on your idea. This is where you mediate, ask for information during mediation on your business idea, any clarity you can gain and then write down all the things that come up.
  • Visualize your idea. Visualise in detail your business coming to life, this is everything that you want your business to be, then write that down too.
  • Take the first action steps to making your business idea become reality. This is the steps you start with first, the steps that lead you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

If you need help with this further, I have a masterclass on just this, to help you really get your ideas flowing.


Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah is a spiritual transformation & business coach who helps unfulfilled lightworkers with personal and spiritual growth so they can have confidence in themselves and their gifts and start their own spiritual business using their inner peace pathway.

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