It’s time to Find your happy place in a weekend

Happiness is within you, and you have all the answers, let’s bring those answers out now

Find your happiness transparent

What if you could...

Dig Much Deeper

Dig much deeper into your core beliefs and into yourself to really figure out what truly makes you happy. (and what doesn’t)

Create new Beliefs

Create New Beliefs (and uncover current beliefs) so you can have the right beliefs for you, and therefore a base for being truly happy.

Know it All

Know all the reasons why you aren’t really, what makes you happy and what is holding you back from being happy. Happiness is a birthright.

Here's what you'll get:

A ebook with 20 questions all leading in from each other that will lead your through the layers to find your true happiness within.

Gain confidence for yourself
Sarah Tilsley Tarot Reader

Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I’m a mum, and a horror lover, if you asked me to choose a film, you bet your ass it will be a horror.

I’m a spiritual confidence alchemist,nd I’ve been in business over 7 years in total.

I’ve learned a shit tonne about myself, mindset, confidence, tarot, healing and Spirituality in that time, and now I wanna give back and help you learn too.

Don't wait to find your happy place
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