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What if you could...

Be authentic

Learn how to be authentically you, by creating a personal growth plan and move away from being who everyone wants you to be and be yourself.

See The Dream

Connect to your dream, your most confident self and what is holding you back from achieving it, so you can start to work through those things and achieve your desires.

Have a Plan

Have a plan of action that you create, so you can purposefully work towards your most confident self, your dream life and live in flow & alignment.

Here's what you'll learn:

In this 5 Day experience you will learn my 5 Step process, lovingly called the Inner Peace Pathway.

Sarah Tilsley, standing with mid length straight hair and wearing a white sleeveless shirt

Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I’m a mum, and a horror lover, if you asked me to choose a film, you bet your ass it will be a horror.

I’m a spiritual coach, reader & healer and I’ve been in business over 6 years in total.

I’ve learned a shit tonne about myself, mindset, business, WordPress and Spirituality in that time, and now I wanna give back and help you learn too.

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