Does everybody have a purpose?

The short answer is yes, but I believe that purpose adapts over time, you can have a purpose to be a parent, then as you get older, maybe your purpose changes and adapts into something else.

When I started off, my whole purpose was to be a parent. I had my son, and then couldn’t have any more children, So that is, when my purpose adapted when he started going to school. I was left alone, no where to go, nothing to do.

I knew that I had to build some confidence to start to live my purpose, and actually didn’t really find out my purpose until well into my 30s, but what I did in the mean time, was a path towards that purpose. It all fits in nicely, and I believe now that I found my sole purpose.

I’d say Don’t worry about trying to find your purpose as much, to step back a bit if it’s consuming your every thought and think, okay, all I need to do now is to follow my joy, and follow my heart. If you follow what brings you joy, and love that your purpose will find you.

Tarot Cards Guidance on purpose.

The first card is talking about that path, seeing that end result. But she might be trying to look at that end result, the end result could be your purpose. But, she might be trying to shine the light on that purpose, trying to shine a light on that path and see her destination. But what she doesn’t quite see is, maybe the top of that hill isn’t actually the top of the hill, perhaps it goes up further afterwards, perhaps it drops on the side and then goes up again. It may even via off in another direction on the other side.

If you follow your joy, follow your intuition, your purpose will find you. You can do things to help that though too like journaling, going into your past and all that stuff, but the first steps is too feel and to follow your heart and follow your joy, whilst trying new things.

Everyone has a purpose, It’s just about finding your unique purpose and having the strength, the courage and conviction to actually go for it and to do what you need to do. And having the courage to leave behind the mindsets that are causing you problems and lower vibration emotions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts, and there are people in your life or situations that aren’t serving you then leave them behind, ditch the things that aren’t serving you so you can move forward with any new hobbies you might have.

So, move forward in the direction of your purpose, of your dreams and your soul desire or your heart’s desire, move forward towards that joy and your purpose can be found.

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