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To have the confidence to be who you really are, to show the world your talents and skills and to step into the person you are meant to be, to create the life you are meant to live.

To have confidence in who you are, and a plan to work on improving that confidence in yourself.

To have clarity on what your purpose is, and how you can make that a reality in your life.

To have the confidence in your talents and gifts and be ready to share them with the world.

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Consciously Confident

To step into your next level, you need confidence and clarity on who you are, our talents and where you are heading and I can help you as part of my group The Consciously Confident Collective for FREE

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Here's what's included:

I’ve made this full of content, but also easy to follow and for a fraction of the price it’s worth, so make it accessible to as many people as possible.  

Lots of Value

Value worth over £197

Lifetime Access

You get lifetime access to the course


30 page workbook full of helpful questions 

Spiritual energy healing

Looking for a sneak peek?

There are three modules, all learning and journal based, that will require action from you to get the results you desire.


Personal Confidence & Personal Growth

Confidence is essential, difficult to build and easy to break.  We need confidence, we need to grow and we should be loving ourselves.  This module will be all about confidence and personal growth, helping you build confidence and keep your confidence and step into your next level.

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Clarity on Your Purpose

We all have a purpose, and our purpose is ever changing.  Most of us have various different purposes throughout our lifetime.  This module will help you with getting clarity on your purpose.


Confidence in Your Gifts & Talents

Confidence in yourselves is one thing, confidence in your talents and gifts are something completely different.  We need to have both, as we should have both, because you are a very talented human and you should have confidence in the things you can do.  You are amazing.

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Kind words from current students.

And just so we're clear...
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Hi there, I'm Sarah!

I’m a mum, scoliosis and invisible illness warrior and a spiritual business owner who is very psychic and has strong psychic gifts.

I’m passionate about helping people who are spiritually open to be confident, live their purpose and make their dreams come true

My purpose is to stand up for everyone who is feeling unheard, hidden and worthless because society has made them feel less than they deserve due to who they are and to show the world that we won’t hide anymore, we are here to be heard and seen and share our gifts with the world.

Sarah Tilsley Confidence Coach

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

I want to make sure that you know this is right for you and that I am the person to help you

This course is 3 modules long and I’m estimating it to take around 3 hours in total to watch.  Not including the action you take after each module 

I want to make it accessible for everyone, so everyone can get started on their confidence and clarify journey.  I don’t believe in outpricing everything out of the limits of most people.

Yes, if you do join the membership, you get access to this course too for no extra, so you’re covered.

Nope, you get the module to watch when you’re ready, for watch as many times as you need to watch them for.

This mini course is free, yes I did just say free as long as you’re in my free Facebook Group, and it’s worth over £197, so an absolute bargain if I  do say so myself.  I literally should be charging for this.

This course will be available to watch in the guides section in the free Facebook group, so make sure you join it

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