What can you do to boost your mood? Tarot Reading

Choose your Tarot Card

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Take a look at the picture, calm your mind, relax and close your eyes. Think about the question and them open your eyes and choose the tarot card or cards that jump out to you.

Tarot Card 1

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The three of wands is asking you to start to focus on more your present and future and positive aspects of that. He’s looking over at the boat leaving the shore and watching it head out to a new destination. It’s going somewhere amazing, a new adventure and that’s where your attention should be right now and not on what’s going wrong right now.

Tarot Card 2

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The 8 of pentacles is asking you to focus on the present, on your tasks at hand. Look closely at what you’re doing, what you can control and meep your attention on that. Being more mindful when your completing tasks may be beneficial to you right now. Keep your attention on the details, on what you need to learn and focus on and it will help you to take your mind off what’s bothering you right now.

Tarot Card 3

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The 10 of wands reversed is saying that you may have been through some difficult times lately. You’re recovering from all those bad times now and learning lessons from them. You are heading towards the end of a cycle and your on the right track to really changing things around now. Keep doing what you are to recover from these situations and keep your focus on the lessons you’ve learned from that.

Tarot Card 4

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The Queen of pentacles says that you have everything you need to change your mood yourself. You know exactly what to do and you have a good head on your shoulders spirit is saying to me. You have everything together, so follow your own guidance on what feels right to you to do and you will find that may help your mood to change too.

Tarot Card 5

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The 7 of wands is saying that you fighting a battle right now. You may feel like everyone wants a piece of you as you are not sure where to turn. It’s important for you to realise that your in a position of advantage right now though and to not give up. Keep going, keep moving forward and keep fighting for what you want. You will triumph over these people, or situations if you keep going.

Tarot Card 6

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The 4 of pentacles is first off telling me that you need to realise some control. Remember that you can’t always control our situations and the things happening in our lives, you can’t control other people either and trying to maintain this kind of control isn’t great for you. Calm, relax and let go of controls little. Realise that you can release your tight hold a little now. Now is definitely the time for you to change this and only you can do this. Once you decide to change it, your mood will start to life and the energy may even start to flow again where it couldn’t get to before.

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Thank you for reading this blog post and I hope it resonates with you.

Sarah xx

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