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5 of My Best Posts on Authentic Self

I’m sure you’ll agree, not being your authentic self is hard as fuck.  If you’ve ever moulded yourself to try and fit in with those around you, then you’ll know that it makes you super unhappy, to say the least. 

 In this post, I’m going to share with you the best posts I’ve created on being your authentic self, to help you discover who the real you is, outside of who are being around other people.

1. What are the benefits of self reflection?

Self-reflection is the starting point to being your authentic self.  It’s the very first step towards authenticity and I believe should be the first step towards any look at yourself, your business, and your connection with spirit as it helps you get to know who you are and how you think, feel, etc.  It’s only when we know ourselves completely that we can really know what information coming in is from spirit, or other people, etc and when we realise something may need tweaking.  

This is why I started this round-up with this blog post, to help you realise what the benefits of self-reflection is, so you know what you’re getting into and why.

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2. What is self discover and your authentic self?

Self-discovery and authenticity are huge right now, and this post talks about what self-discovery really is and what it means to be your authentic self.

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3. How to show up as your authentic self

This post is a short post about how to show up as your authentic self in everyday life and business, to help you get started for free.  This one contains a tarot reading that I created for this to allow spirit to come through for you and help you out too.

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4. Self reflection with intention

Self-reflection with intention was a post I did to help you out in more detail to start you off on your self-discovery journey, so this is a really good post, not you only read one of them, make this one it.

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5. What is your authentic self and why it’s important?

This post is my most recent one and a short overview of what your authentic self is, as an opening to my new course Authentically Unique. So if you want help with authenticity and want to learn more about it, then click the link.

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So, those are my top 5 posts on authenticity.  I hope you enjoy them and they help you start your journey to finally being your authentic self and stop blending into society or your friend group. 

Let me know which one was your favorite and why in the comments!

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Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley

Sarah Tilsley is a Spiritual Confidence Alchemist who uses spiritual, mindset & energy techniques to help aspiring spiritual business owners build confidence to
bring their biggest, wildest dreams to life.

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