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To be fully aligned with your soul’s deepest desires and purpose, you need complete clarity and confidence and freedom to live a life you never thought possible for you, and get accountability and guidance along the way.  Spiritually Connected Academy can give you all of that.

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This membership be following my the Inner Peace Pathway, my framework to guide you along a starting path to our ultimate desires, with a little bonus for you business owners out there too.

All the links you need are in the menu at the top of the page under Membership when you’re logged into your account.

Any major updates will be directly underneath this and pinned to the announcements at the top of the community group.

You will also find the links lower down the page to your starting point, and the next steps for you to take after.  

If you need me for anything, or have any questions please pop your question in the group, all posts are welcome, but may need to be approved by me before they appear in the group.

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Your next steps, are to go through the section you are interested in exploring or watching any tarot readings you’re drawn too.  The menu above as all the links, you can also follow the Inner Peace Pathway set out below.