I adore working with spirit and using my gifts to fulfill my purpose.

I’ve had some amazing reviews  after sharing my gifts with my clients.  It lights me up working with both spirit and my clients to let me into their energy is amazing and so helpful, I only wish I’d embraced my gifts sooner than I had.

I realised I had spent 3 years in an industry that wasn’t where I was meant to be anymore.

It came after getting a tarot reading myself, which told me everything I’d been thinking, but didn’t actually say to a single soul.  That is why I do what I do, because that reading made me jump into finally following my dreams, and ultimately, helping you with yours.

Those 3 years in network marketing helped me realise I needed to do more than just start a business and follow someone else’s rules.  I was never meant to follow other peoples rules.  I was meant to be a leader.

In those three years I worked on my mindset, and discovered who I really was, but it took me until I was out of it, to really discover my purpose, to start to not only use, but embrace my gifts and use them properly.

I embraced all that I am, and learned how to do it, how to embrace my gifts and how to use them properly.  I did it because I was always meant to do things the hard way, to find my way, so you don’t have to.

Some fun facts about me!

I couldn’t leave the house alone

I knew I had to change something, I couldn’t continue the way I was,  me, my son and my husband deserved more.  So I made the decision to change and I working on my mindset and finding myself helped, just like I believe self discovery will help you own who you really are and stop hiding behind a persona that isn’t you.

I was scared of my gifts

I knew a few of the gifts I had, but was scared of what people would say if I told them I could smell my great grandads perfume, or that I saw visions that came true.  I know it’s scary when you’ve been judged before, telling people that you have abilities that some deem as “fake”. I believe you have these gifts for a reason, and that reason isn’t to hide them, it’s to use them.

I have chronic pain

I knew running a business would look different for me with chronic pain, and I didn’t think at first it would work when I had to run it around my pain issues.  When you have an invisible illness, you still can run a business, you just have to do it your way, and that’s ok, no matter what the gurus tell you.

kind words from clients

“Wow, 100% accurate reading, you have a very strong gift”

Kelly Brown