5 tarot myths that need busting!

5 myths I’ve seen floating around in the tarot, witchcraft and spiritual communities.  These need busting still as many still believe it, and they’re just not true.


You can’t buy your own tarot deck.

You can buy your own tarkt deck,  it is a myth that you can’t, and you don’t have to wait for someone to gift you a deck.  

Go buy your own, they will still work for you.


You have to wrap the deck in silk and be very careful with it.


You don’t have to store  your tarot deck in any way you don’t want!

If that means you want to wrap them up, then do so, but don’t feel you need to. I agree you should be kind to your cards, but you don’t have to treat them like some fragile glass either, take care of them yes, but don’t be too afraid of giving them proper good shuffle, they will survive and you may get a better reading having a properly shuffle deck too


You have to have a few different decks before you start reading professionally.

You can read professionally with just one.  Just because you see some of us with 20 decks, doesn’t mean you have to do the same! Get to know one deck really well first!


You have to read in a certain way, using only the meanings from the book.

Wrong again, the book won’t tell you everything, it’s a starting point yes, but shouldn’t be relied on. In fact, I suggest reading intuitively, you will get so much more accurate information.


You have to do an elaborate cleansing ritual after every use of your tarot deck.

You can if you want to, but it isn’t required at all. Knocking on a deck 3 times and giving it a good shuffle may be good enough to clear the energy and reset the deck for the next reading, as well as closing down from the clients energy and reopening up to your next client.

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