Sarah Tilsley, mid length hair with white sleeveless top. Owner of the business and the person who helps unfulfilled lightworkers with chronic illness with personal and spiritual growth.
Hi, I’m Sarah
I help light workers with chronic illness with personal and spiritual growth

so they can so they can have the confidence in themselves and their gifts to start own spiritual healing, reading or coaching business.

I know you think you’ll never be where you want to be.

I realise you’re just sick of the battle between wanting to grow and push yourself out of your comfort zone and wanting to hide from the world and stay all cuddly and safe where you are.   It’s easier to stay where pu are, especially when you have limited spoons too.  

Transformation is scary because you know that when you make the changes you want to make, it’s going to be permanent.  Any change is scary, but when you’re in control of that change, it feels so much better than you think it will.  You’ve got this.

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Here are the ways you can work with me.

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The Visionary Courses

You can get started right now by buying a course or program to suit you.  Choose around personal and spiritual growth and so much more to come.

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Spiritually Connected Membership

Join the Spiritually Connected Academy, to all downloads, readings, courses and support along your journey through my inner peace pathway.

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The Visionary Downloads Shop

Grab journals card readings, playbooks, distance healing and buy your courses right here. Get started on your journey no.  

Sarah Tilsley, standing with mid length straight hair and wearing a white sleeveless shirt

I know it’s hard to embrace your gifts and start your transformation journey.

I was so fed up with being me, I never fitted in and I had gifts I was scared to use and I had limited spoons too.  It took me until I was 36 to embrace all that I was.  I believe everyone has a right to be themselves, no matter what,  The societal norms, the people who think they can tell you who to be and what to do can do one, because life’s too short not to be yourself and do what you want.  Are you ready?

The steps towards personal and spiritual growth awaits,


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Start Thriving!

Start thriving by being you, and carving that you shaped space in the world.  It’s time!

kind words from clients

“OMG Wow, 100% accurate reading!  Oh everything you said was spot on.  I will be recommending you to my friends now. You have a very strong gift.”

Kelly Brown

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7 Tips to create a spiritual routine that suits you

Three pages of a pdf for 7 tips for creating a spiritual routine that suits you

so you can have a routine that is fun and fits you and doesn’t just end  as another thing on your to-do list.  Join my email list today and get this freebie as a thank you and lets get you started.