Hi, I'm Sarah

I help struggling spiritual humans through self discovery to soul alignment so they can achieve their soul-led dream and desires and build their dream business using my Spiritual D.I.C.E Method.

Are you ready to go from feeling resigned, disconnected, confused and struggling to aligned, connected, clear and striving?

If so DICE is created just for you.


Discover You!

Discover your authentic self and your purpose


Identify Intuition!

Identify your intuition and your spiritual side and how to use them to your advantage.


Connect to Energy!

Connect to the universal energy and yourself


Establish Dreams!

Establish your desires & dream business!

How Can I Help You

I can help you through your self discovery process, find your life purpose, connect with your spirituality & intuition and start your dream business.
I do this through tarot, courses, masterclasses, journals and workbooks to help you really start to energetically align to your dreams in a way that suits you.

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5Years in Biz
11Years Tarot
5Years Growth
6Years Blogging
“OMG. Wow 100% accurate reading! You picked up straight away how this illness makes me feel, sick and nauseas...
“OMG. Wow. 100% accurate reading!”
“I will be recommending you to my friends now.  You have a very strong gift xx 😘”
As an academy member I fully support Sarah’s message, and can endorse that it is amazing value for money....
I had a personal reading about my purpose and wow, Sarah’s reading was amazing. It was extremely detailed and...
Sarah is a very gifted lady, she has done many readings for me and she is always spot on....
Ive had many cards drawn for me and also have really enjoyed the Youtube Videos… highly recommend. Sarah is...

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Self Discovery

Self Discovery

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2019 – 2021 Monthly Tarot Readings

2019 – 2021 Monthly Tarot Readings

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Introduction to DICE

Introduction to DICE

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